WBAs Baseball School consists of complete player workouts, which are lead by a professional and positive WBA instructor inside our state of the art facility.

In order to join our Baseball School program, we ask potential students to go through our evaluation process in our academy which records base measurables and stats*. After the eval, we will recommend the best course of action, and families will select the membership option that best fits the player’s goals, schedule, and budget.

Within the training sessions, WBA instructors use our own training application to individually monitor and record each students’ progress. Using tangible measurables and video analysis, each player will be guided through drills and workouts to best improve the skills and mechanics that WBA prioritizes, in order to maximize potential growth.

This personal training app is unique to WBA, and allows our instructors to escalate training speed and increase personalization. Each student will be given a serious of drills to advance their skill set in areas they’re lacking, as well as provide video and audio feedback to guarantee improvement. Our video review process is used extensively within the workouts to ensure the students are getting the most out of their time spent in the academy.

Students will receive individual attention while training in a group setting. They will perform both fundamental and complex drills, designed specifically for their needs in all areas of baseball, including hitting, fielding, running form, and throwing.

Specialty courses are also available for students to train in Pitching and Catching. Currently, these classes are accessible to members by request or invite only.

*please note there is a $15 fee for an Evaluation

Membership options are billed monthly and set based on the number of workouts per month. Each session is Semi-Private with a coach to player ratio around 1 to 7, depending on the day.

Workouts can be scheduled whenever the player is available Monday - Friday & Sunday, and we highly recommended scheduling your sessions in advance.

Sibling discounts are also available for 40% off


1 session - $45

2 sessions - $80

4 sessions - $145

6 sessions - $205

8 sessions - $250

12 sessions - $375