Welcome to Walbeck Baseball Academy

Become a member before August 15th and take advantage of our Back to School BOGO!

Buy a Membership & Get one month FREE.  

Your first month will be free and you will be obligated to pay for the second month.  

Academy Membership provides consistent access to WBA Workouts.  Workouts are 1-2 student semi-private indoor lessons.  (Note: we also from time to time offer outdoor on-field workouts, which is for a slightly larger group of students).

Our workouts are tailored to a variety of different fundamental baseball training aspects from which you can choose, such as, but not limited to: hitting, pitching, catching, basic fielding and throwing, & on-field fielding.

We offer TWO types of memberships: 

Choose either;

- $80 / 2 per month:    This provides 2 workouts every 30 days;


- $145 / 4 per month:   This provides 4 workouts every 30 days.

Other terms and conditions of this BOGO offer: 

  • All new members will have a $25 signup fee.
  • Your membership may be canceled after the 2nd month with no charge.
  • This BOGO offer is available to new members only.
  • The number of offers is limited and will be given on a first come first serve basis through Aug 15, 2016.