Evaluation Process for WBA

training & teams

  1. Schedule Evaluation By Clicking the Link Below

  2. Attend Evaluation

  3. Receive Feedback from WBA on Training / Team Placement (generally within 1 Week)

    • Please note there is a $15 fee for an evaluation.

Click to schedule evaluation

Frequently Asked questions:

If my player is currently on a WBA team do I need an evaluation?
Does WBA allow a player to take more than one evaluation?
If my player attends and evaluation are they guaranteed a spot in training sessions or teams?
What is the cost of membership?
How long does the evaluation take?

Walbeck Baseball Academy brings you the best in youth baseball providing an elite baseball academy that combines the highest quality individual instruction with high caliber competitive as well as developmental baseball teams.

Walbeck Baseball Academy offers parents and players a stable environment where players grow and excel in the sport of baseball, while experiencing the thrill of competition, and building confidence and skills that transform individual athletes into valued teammates.