• Do you want to make sure your league assessments happen rain or shine?

  • Do you want accurate measurements of your players?

  • Do you want records for managers that provide intra-league ranking of the assessment scores?

  • Do you want a uniform and objective process of measuring players, so mangers can best select players in your league draft?

If you answered Yes to any of these QUESTIONS,




Youth League Player Assessments

are done in a friendly, professional setting. We create an environment that allows every athlete the opportunity to perform at their highest potential, while accurately recording their measurables for coaches and managers.


Standard Assessment

Professional Instructors will guide each player through a series of drills and exercises to determine their measurables, and create a report for the league ranking the players into thirds for the various measurable. These measurables will consist of:

  • Exit Velocity

  • Throwing Velocity

  • Ground Ball Fundamentals

  • Throwing & Catching Ability

  • Speed - time to first

up to 350 Players

only $1,125

Inquire for pricing if your league has more than 350 players.


Extended Assessment

  • Everything in the Standard Assessment plus:

  • Catching

  • Receiving

  • Blocking

  • Pop-Time to 2nd

  • Pitching

  • Mound Command/Accuracy

  • Velocity

up to 350 Players


Walbeck Baseball Academy offers parents and players a stable environment where players grow and excel in the sport of baseball, while experiencing the thrill of competition, and building confidence and skills that transform individual athletes into valued teammates.