Academy Membership at Walbeck Baseball Academy

is essential to getting better at baseball and reaching your goals!

Workouts:  One of our primary means of helping our students reach their baseball goals is through our Workouts.  Our Workouts are one-hour small group (1-5 student) classes offered in a variety of fundamental baseball disciplines, such as: Power Hitting; Power Throwing, Mechanics and Pitching; Catching; and, Fielding.

Variety of Workout times: Our workouts are generally scheduled between 3:00 - 9:00 PM on week nights and at various times on weekends.

Flexible Workout Schedule: A student simply enrolls in a desired fundamental workout at a time that it is offered.  With classes being offered at various times, families are provided with incredible flexibility in there ability to schedule their students baseball training around today's busy and hectic life schedules.  Workouts are $65 for non-members per workout.  

Membership:  We provide 3 membership levels to reduce the expense of the Workouts.  See chart below.

  • Our entry level membership is the Minimum Academy Membership starting at $19/month.

  • Our middle level membership is the Regular Academy Membership starting at $109/month.

  • Our top level membership is the Unlimited Academy Membership starting at $129/month..

Each Membership Level has 3 different commitment levels: Annual Commitment (paid monthly); Month to month (no commitment); and Annual Prepaid.

Family Discounts:  We offer discounts on Academy Memberships for siblings.

  • For any of the Annual Commitment plans, each additional sibling is an additional $20 per month.

  • For any of the Annual Prepaid plans, each additional sibling is an additional $240 per year.


We offer three Academy Membership levels:

  • UNLIMITED Workouts per month

  • Access to Open Academy time sessions
  • Discounts on Private lessons, Camps  & Workshops
  • Discounts on Travel Events
  • THREE (3) workouts per month

  • $35 Drop-In rate for additional workouts.
  • Discounts on Private lessons, Camps & workshops. 
  • Discount on Travel Events 
  • ZERO (0) workouts per month

  • $35 Drop-In rate for additional workouts.
  • Discounts on Private lessons, Camps & workshops. 

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Academy Membership also provides significant SAVINGS

on our other Training Options.  

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In order to play for one of our club teams you need to be an Academy Member.


Academy Membership provides consistent access to WBA Workouts.  Workouts are 1-5  student small group fundamental training sessions.  (Note: we also from time to time offer outdoor on-field workouts, which is for a slightly larger group of students).

Our workouts are tailored to a variety of different fundamental baseball training aspects from which you can choose, such as, but not limited to: hitting, pitching, catching, basic fielding and throwing, & on-field fielding.

At Walbeck Baseball Academy, we believe in embracing individualism and creating a safe and positive learning environment in order to build a foundation for each player to reach their potential. We believe in teaching and embracing the complexities of each individual in order to enhance each player’s athleticism!  We further believe that it is through the process of hard work and dedication, while pushing oneself to the edge of failure, that dreams and goals are reached.

Prospect Player Package Academy Membership Add-on

Want to know how your student is doing?  Want to watch his growth over time?

Then you will want to add the PROSPECT PLAYER PACKAGE to your student's Academy Membership.

Walbeck Baseball Academy is excited to introduce the PROSPECT PLAYER PACKAGE This is an academy membership add-on, wherein the players will be evaluated twice a year and measured on various baseball skills. These measurables will be recorded and made available to you online to see and review your son’s progress as he moves through our program.