Hello Mighty Masher Families, 

    We want to thank all of those who participated in our very successful Mighty Masher program this past Summer. We enjoyed working with your athletes and watching them improve with each practice. We are excited to offer a continuation of skill development for them with the introduction of WBA Training Classes. 

    WBA Training Classes are designed to prepare your athlete for the upcoming Little League season. Our Classes are comprehensive courses that will meet for one hour from mid-November through mid-January. The focus will be breaking down and teaching a specific fundamental (throwing, fielding, hitting, etc.) each week. This allows us to focus on player development, as well as, improve each athletes understanding of the subject. The athlete can then use this information when practicing at home or with their team.

 (If you are interested in enrolling in our Winter Class, please inquire at support@walbeckbaseball.com).

    If you currently have a membership, there is no extra cost! You can apply your current membership's monthly visits toward the Class. Assuming you begin on the 1st of the month, we recommend at least a Regular Membership to cover the Winter Classes. 

    Becoming a WBA Membership will allow your athlete access to our facility and elite instruction year round; while also empowering your athlete with the knowledge, training and accessibility needed to thrive on and off the field.