Beginning on Monday, May 13th, WBA will be offering new training sessions, which will provide our families more scheduling flexibility, and our continued focus on each individual player within the academy.  

Families will have options of choosing one of three 85 minute sessions per day, Monday through Friday, and Sunday. Scheduling options are now based on each player’s availability, and are designed for freedom, flexibility, and independence.

Student’s fundamental skills and progress will be monitored objectively and subjectively each time they train in one of our Complete Player Workouts to help them grow.  Their measurements and captured video will be recorded inside the WBA application and stored securely, while being used in sessions to help each player develop and perfect their baseball skillset.

Students will receive individual attention during each training session in a group setting, and practice prescribed fundamental drills designed specifically for their needs in all areas of baseball, such as hitting, fielding, running form, and throwing.

Specialty Training Classes for pitching and catching will be opening up shortly, available via request or invite.



How many workouts will I now have since the conversion of my WBA Baseball School Membership?
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How will WBA track my student?
May parents and other coaches go inside the training room to observe?
How many students per instructor?
Does WBA train players from other teams?
Does WBA offer sibling discounts?
May I switch my membership throughout the year?
May I schedule training sessions in advance?
May I place my membership on hold?
What window of time during the month may I enroll my student in training sessions?


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