Mark has been with WBA for the past five years as a player, student, and now instructor. He is a great addition to our staff and is helping players on the field and in the academy become better every day. As a player he has played every position, so having that experience only helps our players improve because of his unique understanding of how the game is played from different angles and vantage points.
— Matt Walbeck

Specializes in Baseball- Hitting, Pitching, Catching, and Fielding


mark playing.jpg

Before joining the Walbeck Baseball Academy Staff Mark was part of the WBA 16u and 18u college prep teams. Mark is currently working on completing his degree in business management. 

Playing Carreer:

Mark grew up in Antelope, California where he played Antelope Little League and few years of travel ball before he attended Oakmont High School. Mark's Freshman year at Oakmont he played 3rd base and was a starting pitcher and got an Award for most batters struck out in that season. Mark's Sophomore year at Oakmont High School is where he began to realize his full potential as a Right Fielder and as the closing pitcher at the end of his sophomore year he was awarded Offensive Player of the Year Award. Mark's Junior year he didn't play much but made the best of it by preforming in every opportunity he got.  

During the summer of Mark's Senior year he got the opportunity to play for the WBA 16u Elite team it was one of the best experiences that he has ever had in playing baseball half way through the season he got pulled up to play for the WBA 18u Scout team. Mark's Senior year he transferred to Center High School he had to sit out 24 games for transferring by the time he got to play the in the last 8 games and did what he could to help his team. He graduated in 2015 in the summer of after he graduated he played for our WBA 18u Elite.  

In his first year in college at American River College he went in as a pitcher he started off slow in the fall of 2016 but then turned it around with a strong finish but he had to red-shirt and he began coaching at Walbeck Baseball Academy as a assistant coach for our WBA 13u and 14u teams then went back to play baseball for American River College over the summer in the first few games he ended up partially tearing his meniscus and decided that he didn't want to play he wanted to coach.