"Matt Walbeck helped me to understand what it took to play professional ball day in day out. his experiences as a player, coach, and manager  helped in my development and knowledge of the game. And for that I am grateful."



"Matt Walbeck is one of the most knowledgeable and charismatic managers I have ever had. His attention to detail tooled with his ability to communicate with players make it easy for me to endorse the Walbeck Baseball Academy."

Tremendous Improvement -
Brendan’s fielding & throwing has improved tremendously since joining your school. We practiced with some kids from his team last year (they were all similar levels then) and you could definitely see a difference between Brendan and the other two kids. It is hard to tell with hitting, he is doing a lot better during the lessons, so I am hopeful that will translate to success during the games this Spring!
— Michele McLain
Hi Coach Paul. Carter was so excited after his lesson with you. He said that the adjustment you made gave him much more power. He already likes and respects you, which trust me, is not easy to gain from Carter. For the first time since the injury, he is optimistic about being able to pitch again. Thank you so much :)
— Lori D. Kam, OD
Reaching New Heights! -
Matt, Thank you soo much for bringing out the best in Jonny!! He is a baseball sponge right now!! So fun!!!
— Adam Pierce
Learning quickly -
Matt, Thanks a lot for the lesson today and for spending the time with Jake. Really appreciated. I was impressed at how quickly you made the adjustments for him. He’s had a bunch of different baseball coaches through little league but never had the solid fundamental training for his swing.

— Jen
Feeling Blessed! -

I just wanted to let you know Dillon’s confidence at the plate has never been better.! In the second game yesterday against D1 he went 3 for 3
2-Singles 1-Double 4 RBI’s & 1-Run.

Amazing job well done.! I only wish I would’ve joined your club sooner.!

Feeling Blessed!
— Brian R.
All Stars -
Hey coach. Its Grant Houle. I just wanted to tell you about my all star game. I went 3-4 with a two run homer and a grand slam. I also made the winning out at home. We ended up winning 15-14 against Roseville. I also broke a windshield. Anyway, I just wanted say thanks for coaching me and keeping me positive. It has helped a lot.
— Grant Houle
Crushing the Ball -
Hi Matt. This is Sean Anderson. Had to let you know that Patrick hit two over the fence at his first All-Star game this evening. Crushed two other balls one for a base hit up the middle one great play by the shortstop got him out. Thanks for working with him!
— Sean Anderson
Softball Success -


Thanks again for taking Gabby in and working with her. Even after two sessions she’s more upbeat motivated than ever before. I look forward to continued work and even getting my son signed up with the academy.
— Kevin Peck
2013 East Sac Fall Ball Clinic -
Just wanted to pass along a big thank you for your instruction and your staff at the East Sac Fall Ball clinic this year. As a parent and coach, I learned a lifetime of tips and lessons for my son to use in the years ahead. If only I learned them when I was growing up!

— Mitch Golden