We offer workouts in a variety of fundamental skill areas

such as for example:  -  Hitting; Fielding; Pitching; and Catching.

Each indoor workout is one-hour long with 6 students max!

 We have outdoor on-field workouts too!  (these will often times have more than 6 students).

 All workouts are available to enroll on our website with predetermined instructors, days, times, locations, and activities. Players have up to four hours to enroll prior to start of workout.

Each slot is available for enrollment on a first come first served basis. Enrolled students are not responsible for filling any other slots, other than their own, and if only one player is enrolled, the workout is live.

For the workouts, you only need to enroll your child and you are not required to find the other students for the workout.

Come and learn from the best instructors in our area!  The staff at WBA include former MLB players, current College Coaches, and former College players.  Our instruction is unprecedented, as is our scheduling process and overall experience at WBA for parents and players alike.  Players, youth to professional, come from all over the country to train at WBA.  Players from other local travel and competitive teams train with us on a consistent basis as well.

By having an Academy Membership, you can significantly save on the cost of workouts.