Workshop Schedule for next three months

Academy Members receive a 20% discount on Workshops:  please email to receive your discount code.  If you enroll and forget to enter your discount code, just email us and we will refund the discount amount.

Our Workshops are currently $300 per workshop.  (Prices are subject to change).

Our Workshops are scheduled generally during the late summer and winter months.

We will post our summer 2017 schedule soon.

WBA offers workshops, (small group courses) that are designed to help players hone their baseball skill sets for specific fundamental needs such as, throwing velocity, catcher’s position, fielding, hitting, strength, agility, and mobility.

WBA and Results Physical Therapy & Training combine for world class training!

Each workshop will include 8 sessions, which will generally meet 2 times per week for 4 weeks. Each session will include a skills session and a physical training session, except for our personal training workshop, which will all be physical training.

Matt Walbeck and his WBA staff have designed skill specific training as part of the skill workshops, with the intent to focus on fine details to help players get from point A to point B in a much more efficient path. Baseball is a difficult game to play not only because of the mind set and technique it takes, but also because of the physical stress it can place on one’s body. During the workshop, Results Physical Therapy & Training will help teach enrolled players movements in strength, agility, and mobility.

These workshops will also include take-away items such as a review of the day’s course and homework assignments.